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The MILK & HONEY HALL OF FAME Intends To Provide An Opportunity Of Looking At History With A More Leveling Eye. Concerning Criteria Measured For The Induction Of Each Member, Over And Above What Humanitarian Efforts May Traditionally Be Weighed For Such Commemorations, This HALL OF FAME Also Seeks To Memorialize Those Individuals Whose Lives Were, Perhaps, Misunderstood, Undervalued, Or Unfairly Oppressed / Cut Short In Their Own Time. The Inductees Are Listed In Chronological Order By Induction, With OSCAR WILDE Being The First Member. Thank You. Have A Good Day!
Oscar Wilde Was A Nineteenth Century Aesthetic, Irish Literary Man Best Known For His Plays And Also His Poetry. Wilde Graduated From Oxford And Traveled As Far As America Lecturing On Topics Of Art And Beauty With Characteristic Social Wit. He Then Married, Settled in London, Fathered Two Sons, And Began A Period Of Focused Literary Output, Culminating With His Most Highly Regarded Play, The Importance Of Being Earnest. Oscar Ran Afoul Of The Law And Was Dealt A Tremendous Legal And Social Blow, Resulting In His Imprisonment and Personal Bankruptcy. Never Truly Recovering From This Setback, Wilde Fled To France, Only Partially Returned To His Art Career, Found Himself Destitute, And Died Before His Time Of Health Complications, Which May Have Resulted From His Prison Sentence. Interested in The Church Throughout His Life, Oscar Wilde Was Baptised Into The Catholic Church As His Last Act. He Is Buried In Paris.
 ROBERTO CLEMENTE BASEBALL PLAYER Roberto Clemente Was A Major League Baseball Player Of The 1960's and 1970's Who Played His Entire Career For The Pittsburgh Pirates. An All Star, Golden Glove Right Fielder, Clemente Compiled 3000 Hits In His Career With A Lifetime Batting Average Above .300, Both Milestones. Born In Puerto Rico, Roberto Overcame Initial Racial Tension To Become The First Latin American Man Awarded A League Most Valuable Player Award, A World Series MVP Award, And Also To Win A World Series As A Starting Player. A Humanitarian, Clemente Involved Himself In Aid Efforts To Latin American Countries In The Baseball Off Season. While Personally Accompanying An Earthquake Relief Flight To Nicaragua In An Effort To Thwart The Diversion Of Resources Through Corrupt Governmental Channels, Roberto Clemente Tragically Died In An Aviation Accident At The Age Of 38. In The Aftermath Of This Loss, Clemente Was Inducted Into The Baseball Hall Of Fame In A Special Election Which Waived The Mandatory Waiting Period, And Was Awarded The Congressional Gold Medal, The Presidential Citizens Medal, And Finally The Presidential Medal Of Freedom. He Was Summarily Commemorated With A United States Postage Stamp As Well As A Statue Which Remains By A Bridge Named In His Honor Outside Pirates Stadium, Among Other Accolades. 
Maria Callas Was A Twentieth Century, Soprano Opera Singer Of Great Renown And Florid Personality. Born To Greek Parents In America, Maria Was Led To Sing As A Very Young Girl, Despite Her Reservations. Developing An Interest In Opera, Callas Trained Exhaustively Amidst The Backdrop Of WWII Turmoil In Greece, Italy, And America. Captivating The Opera World With The Penetrating Quality Of Her Voice, Callas Grew To Be A Premiere Operatic Talent Of Both Classical And Interpretive, Dramatic Musical Compositions Including Carmen, Madam Butterfly, And Le Nozze di Figaro. Maria Callas Imposed Upon Herself A Mid-Career Weight Loss Regiment, Grew Svelte And Of Captivating Beauty On Stage, And Further Developed A Star / Diva Personality Of Much Glamor and Pageantry. Plagued By Troubled Personal Relationships And Vocal Inconsistencies In Middle Age, Maria Callas Involved Herself In High Profile Romance, Yet Bore No Children. Largely Reclusive In Her Final Years, Maria Callas Perished At The Age Of 53, Approximately Three Years Subsequent To Her Final Stage Performance. Her Ashes Were Scattered Over The Aegean Sea Off Greece's Coast According To Her Wishes. Remaining Close To Classical Operatic Music Over Her Magnanimous Singing Career, Maria Callas Is Remembered By Those Who Knew Her Best For The Power And Completeness Of Her Artistry And For Her Commitment To Its Dramatic Execution.  
Thomas Alva Edison, American Inventor And Businessman, Lived From 1847 Until 1931. Contributing Most To The Fields Of Communications And Public Utilities, Edison Holds Over 1,000 Patents For Design Ideas, Including Those For Electrical Power, Electric Light And Battery, Motion Pictures, And Recorded Music. Thomas Edison's Industrial Research Lab, A First, In New Jersey, Paved The Way For The Inventor's Efforts In The Business Of Applied Knowledge; He Personally Founded 14 Companies, Including General Electric, Which Became One Of The Largest In The World. Edison Was A Freethinker, Borrowing Heavily From The Notion And Function Of Nature. Thomas Edison's Legacy Lives On Around The World In The Many Awards, Honors, Museums, Monuments, Named In His Honor.
Nicknamed “Beauty”, Jeb Stuart, James Ewell Brown, Was A United States Cavalry Officer, One Who Rides On Horseback, And Brigadier General Of The Mid-Nineteenth Century, The Time Period Of America’s Civil War. With An Ostrich Plume In His Cap And Sporting Cologne, Stuart Rode Into Battle With The Ferocity And Genial Nature Of One Fighting Not Merely An Enemy But The Function Of Time Itself. The South’s Chivalrous Knight, Jeb Stuart Was Struck In The Mold Of What Would Ultimately Lead To The Fall Of Both At The Hands Of The North’s Industrial Capital Maneuvers. In The Battle Of Gettysburg, Delays In Communications From Stuart To Robert E. Lee Resulted In A Moderately Misinformed Southern Campaign. Bold, Eccentric, Heroic, And Free, Jeb Stuart Fostered The Personal Belief He Would Not Survive The War, And Felt No Relish For Living Should Virginia’s Cause Be Lost. Attracting Attention Focused Towards His Peril From Ulysses S. Grant’s Commanders, Jeb Stuart Was Mortally Wounded At The Battle Of Yellow Tavern And Perished In His Home State Of Virginia In Richmond, In May 1864. He Was Thirty One Years Old. In Learning Of His Demise, Southern Commanding General, Robert E. Lee Responded As Though Told Something Obscene, Claiming He Had Never Once Supplied Faulty Intelligence. James, Jeb, Stuart Was Survived By His Daughter, Virginia And Wife Flora, Who Never Remarried And Wore The Dark Colors Of Mourning For The Remainder Of Her Life. All Are Laid To Rest In Richmond, Virginia.  

Joan Of Arc, Born In 15th Century France Of An Agricultural Family, Is A Social Heroine And Canonized Saint Of The Most Unique, Undeniable, Rare, And Pure Origin. Amidst Both Interior Factional And Exterior Imperial Political Turmoil (The Hundred Years War) And Devastated Economic Conditions (Post Black Death), Joan Of Arc, As A Girl Of Twelve Years, Professes To Have Received A Vision Of Three Saints Urging Her To Drive English Invasion From Her Home Soil, And Uphold The Authority Of France’s Lawful Crown (Seeing The Heir Charles VII To His Rightful Coronation). Through A Turn Of Events Of The Most Tremendously Unusual Variety, Joan Of Arc, At 16 Years Of Age, Appealed Through Local Channels To The Royal French Court To Be Heard Upon Military Grounds, Proved Prescient In Her Understanding Of Warfare’s Tactics / Strategy, And Was Ultimately Awarded Not Only The Armory Of A Knight!!!!… But The Official Command Of The Country’s Army!!!!!!… For The Purpose Of Leading It To Victory Against Both Rival French Factions And Invasions From The North!!!!!!!!… Her Conviction That She Was Instructed By Divine Authority Changed The Nature Of This Anglo-French Struggle To A Religious One. Meeting Initial Resistance And Subversion By Her Military Cohort Contemporaries, Joan Of Arc Shored The Army’s Defenses And Reversed The Crown’s Fate By Defying Partisan Politics And Boldly And Repeatedly Attacking Its Enemy, Leading Charges Herself, Re-Invigorating Soldier Morale, And Strategically And Effectively Disassembling The Enemy War Machine Through Her Sage Direction Of Target And Tactic. The Result Of Her Self-Directed Conscription? Nothing Less Than Newfound Success, Belief, And Purpose In The French Cause, If Not, Moreover, A Singlehanded Author Of Change In The Course Of A Full-Scale International War; Herself.…… Wounded By Arrow, Crossbow Bolt, And Cannonball Stone, Joan Of Arc Was Captured In A Minor Action While Safely Escorting Her Troops From The Battlefield In Compiegne, A City In Northern France… In A Trial Financed By The English, While Illegally Denying Her Legal Counsel, Without Lawful Jurisdiction, Lacking Evidence And Therefore Criminal Charges Of Any Kind, While Denying Her Appeals For Official Jurisprudence, And During Which The Official Transcript Was Intentionally Corrupted, The Fallacious Assembly, Ergo Anti-Court, Under Threat Of Immediate Execution, Forced Joan Of Arc To Sign Abjuration (Official, Legal) Documents She Could Not Read, Which They Later Further Embellished Upon, Concerning Twelve Articles Of Accusation, Which Summarily Contradicted Their Already Felonious, Adulterated Court Records………… In Her Penultimate Act Of… Contrition… Joan Of Arc, Who Was Otherwise Entirely Uneducated Formally, Sublimely Outwitted The Snares Of The Learned Prosecution’s Questioning Concerning Minutia Of Heretical Law To The Stupefaction Of All Interrogator’s Present……… Joan Of Arc Was Sentenced To Death And Burned At The Stake…….. For The Crime Of Violating… A Biblical Clothing Law…… (She Dressed As A Man Dresses, Because She Was A Soldier And To Deter The Lusts Of Others)………… At Her Execution, Joan Of Arc’s Body Was Re-Raked And Re-Ignited… Twice… To Entirely Reduce Her Remains To Ashes… So As To Render Impossible The Collection Of Any Human Relics At All To Commemorate Her Earthly Existence By……………… Posthumously, At The Behest Of Her Mother Isabelle Romee And The Pope, A Retrial Was Ordered And Joan Of Arc Was Found To Be Innocent On July 7, 1456………… Joan Of Arc Became A Champion Of The 16th Century Catholic League, Was Further Exalted Within The Church In The 19th Century, And Officially Canonized (Made A Saint, And Of The Most Highly Regarded) On May 16, 1920, Nearly 489 Years To The Date Of Her Assassination / Murder ………… At Her Torture / Execution on May 30, 1431 Joan Of Arc Was Nineteen Years Old… She Could Neither Read Nor Write… She Was A Virgin… She Was Of An Agricultural Family In Isolated Eastern France Of No Wealth………… But Through The Course Of Her Individual Knowledgeable Direction And Action Over The Period Of The Previous Seven Years, Had Elevated Herself To A Position Of The Most True And Pronounced Zenith Of Not Only The Middle Ages But All Of Human History, Elevating Herself Above Society’s Successive Billions, Both Before And After Her Stead, And All But Personally And Singularly And Completely Redefined The Meaning Of The Term,…… Mankind……………… Joan Of Arc’s Personal Legacy Transcends Gender, Insofar As She Allowed For No Followers, Disavowing Any Woman From Enlisting In Her Army And Joining Her In Physical Battle. Her Actions Were, Otherwise, Justified Morally And Legally, By The Tradition Of Belief That Any Person Regardless Of Social Position Can Receive A Divine Calling And Be Justly Permitted To Complete Their Service… Rather Than Political, Joan Of Arc’s Crusade Was, In Actuality And All Fairness, A Practical, Spiritual One…… That Otherwise Defied Any And All Manifestation Of Tradition… Logic… Or Precedent… In Both Past Or Present Terms … Anytime… Anyplace… Anywhere… Anyhow…… Thus Making Her What She Is, Today.